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The LIFEPOWER Philosophy
of James Craig Green

"Student of All, Disciple of None"

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"Fusing Eastern and Western thought, Green presents a dynamic personal philosophy that challenges conventional 'communitarian' thought."

LIFEPOWER is a personal philosophy based on the idea that each individual is a fundamental deciding unit. To be meaningful, it must be integrated with the idea that individuals come from and depend on their environment. Philosophies of individualism and collectivism emphasize extremes that underestimate the dependence each point of view has on the other.

Collectives need individuals for support, as individuals need collectives to survive and prosper. The key to maximizing this relationship is VOLUNTARY CHOICE based on MUTUAL ADVANTAGE.

LIFEPOWER means individuals prosper most when they take responsibility for their own lives and treat others with the respect they would like to receive. This is done not from the weakness of self-sacrifice, but from the strength of self interest. The honest recognition of inherent selfishness is necessary to achieve the best in personal relationships, career choices and the pursuit of happiness. Ironically (to some), society is much better off when people embrace their own self interest without the destructive baggage of collective guilt.

Ignoring the importance of other individuals and the environment on which they depend is often a limiting factor in ideas that emphasize the individual as supreme. While the individual's own biased, selfish view of the world is an unavoidable perspective, too much emphasis on this can lead to narcissism and other self-destructive behaviors. While the LIFEPOWER philosophy emphasizes the power of each individual to choose actions based on self interest, it recognizes the importance of the environment in which individuals are nurtured and grow.

The most powerful and productive force in human society is motivated, voluntary, individual CHOICE - the essence of LIFEPOWER.

The goals of LIFEPOWER are:


1. SEEK Joy - to find the energy you need

2.CREATE Value - to be useful and productive

3. LIVE Free - to break the chains that bind you

Join me on a journey to discover the awesome power of individual choice, creative expression and a life without guilt, subservience or apology to those who would control or limit it. The POWER of LIFE is at your command. CHOICE is your greatest tool. And the WORLD is at your feet.

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