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J. Craig Green, PE

871 Brickyard Circle Unit C1
Golden, Colorado 80130

Phone 303-216-2323 FAX 303-216-2322
email: [email protected]


J. Craig Green, PE is a water engineer and water rights consultant based in Golden, Colorado. Mr. Green has been a registered professional engineer in Colorado since 1974, in private practice since 1979. He has completed hundreds of water augmentation plans, water appraisals, hydrologic studies and other water resources studies including extensive work with interstate compacts and private water agreements.

Experience Summary

Mr. Green's clients include farmers and ranchers, cities, ditch companies, water districts, attorneys and industries with independent water supply systems. Mr. Green is a registered professional engineer in the State of Colorado, registration number 13613.

Mr. Green provides professional engineering services in the following areas:

Water Rights Analysis and Engineering
Augmentation Plan Development and Implementation
Water Rights and Water Facility Appraisals
Expert Testimony on Hydrology and Water Rights

For 35 years (updated 2010), Mr. Green has been an expert water rights consultant in Colorado, for a variety of private and public clients.


The following documents describe Mr. Green's experience and qualifications:


Expert testimony summary

South Platte River experience

Arkansas River experience

Rio Grande experience

Western slope experience

Independence Institute

In addition to Mr. Green's professional consulting practice, he is a senior fellow in water policy at the Independence Institute, a Colorado free market think tank. His 2002 issue paper about Colorado water rights is on the Institute's website. The direct link to Mr. Green's paper requires Adobe Acrobat reader, a free software program which can easily be downloaded from the internet.

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