"MORALITY IS A SUBJECTIVE HUMAN OPINION, biased by each person's unique life experience. The arrogance of morality is the driving force behind war, politics, organized religion and other popular forms of chauvinism."

quote from: ORIGIN OF CONFLICT and the Spontaneous Creation of Justice

"All living things are alive because of selfishness."

"Seeking joy is, ironically, the best way for you to serve others."

quotes from: SEEK JOY

"People who produce more than they consume tend to be most happy, prosperous and useful to others."

quote from: CREATE VALUE

"To Live Free, one must recognize the manipulations, habits, patterns and traditions that keep us from seeking our fundamental goals in life."

"To a surprisingly large extent, most people have far more opportunity for control than they realize, but usually choose not to exercise it."

quotes from: LIVE FREE

"It is so easy to sell quick, easy, "absolute" answers to others. It seems that most people will buy, sell, or compromise anything to avoid thinking for themselves. Arguably, guru worship may be the most successful growth industry of all time."

quote from: HOW DO I KNOW?

"Egocentrism is the simple recognition that every living thing views the world from a unique, self-oriented perspective."

quote from: LIFE: Inherently Egocentric

"NATURE is everything. There is mass, energy, atoms, molecules, life, thought, people, societies, galaxies and perhaps even multiple universes (pure speculation). But there is nothing outside nature, including spiritual visions and other phenomena we don't yet understand. If they exist, they are part of nature."

"The power of individual choice is stronger than any collective seeking to supress it, but only among those who have discovered it and have learned how to express it."

quotes from: Spinoza's GOD, Individual Choice and Society

"People who seek 'truth' and 'absolutes' usually limit their thinking to one particular kind, and reject others."

"There is nothing absolute about any scientific standard. Then how can a standard for human behavior possibly be absolute, when more rigorous scientific standards are not?"

quotes from: ABSOLUTE TRUTH and the "OBJECTIVE WAY"

"Profit may take the form of increased energy, improved satisfaction, a new friendship, monetary income, or any other net expansion of joy or happiness."

"Your opinion of the product doesn't count. Only your customer's opinion counts. And (s)he will tell you exactly what it's worth."

"Don't necessarily discount 'gut feelings.' They might be your subconscious life experience, accessed by intuition and created by evolution, telling you not to do something."


"Practically anyone can understand what it means to produce something... The more difficult trick is producing something useful."

"The essence of both Harmony and Abundance is cooperation. The essence of cooperation is voluntary trade."


"An ADVOCATE is someone whose focus is to prove they are right."
"A SKEPTIC is someone whose focus is to prove someone else wrong."
"A SEEKER is someone whose focus is to understand something."


"All current legal systems provide commonly-pooled resources, which are allocated by confusing, contradictory rules and procedures."

"Punishment and revenge, the twin handmaidens of existing legal systems, rarely work effectively to discourage criminals. Punishment, in fact, often turns out to be a reward. Modern prisons, with all their amenities, are nothing more than 'criminal welfare' in some cases."

"Justice... should be every bit as diverse, creative, responsive and limited by resources available as any other human action."

quotes from: ORIGIN OF CONFLICT and the Spontaneous Creation of Justice

"CAUTION: This essay contains several live 'Mind Viruses' transmitted by intellectual contact and spread by conscious thought. The ideas contained here may offend, challenge, and/or destroy existing belief systems."

"...the Bill of Rights has been neutered, like an obnoxious dog, by 200 years of corrupting history."

"Free Lunch: The Most Dangerous Narcotic"

"This 'drug of choice' among irresponsible people is more dangerous than heroin, cocaine, alcohol, tobacco, debt, television, obsessive sex or gambling. In America, it starts with the Constitution - the myth that you have "rights" which someone else should protect; that you deserve police services without conscious choice or payment; and justice - that elusive thing that most people think is objective and free."

quotes from: LIFEPOWER Graduate Study

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